Features of Online Food Ordering System

Delivery charge option - Foodship NZ

Delivery Options for Online Food Orders

You will require a Google Maps subscription for the radius and address auto-complete feature. There are free trials available too.

Discount and Loyalty Online Ordering System - Foodship NZ

Coupons & Discounts for Online Food Orders

No promotion will yield you as many conversations as a coupon or discount code does. Especially, when it is about ordering food, coupons are going to be redeemed for sure. You lock your restaurant customer for next time.

Features of Online Food Ordering System-Free-website-included

Online Food Ordering Website

If you don’t have your own website, Foodship helps you with the same. Foodship system is loaded with restaurant website templates and cart design options. We also have QR code ordering which can be integrated with your website. And the next time a customer scans the code, they could place the order readily. 

Kitchen Printer and Kitchen Monitor integration with digital Ordering System

Features of Online Food Ordering System-Keep-your-customer-informed

Restaurant Food Order Management


Flexible Business Hours

Your customers won’t like to hear back from you that you are not delivering when they are actually craving your food. Instead, let them know beforehand. When you are closed, our online food ordering system will help you set up your business hours according to your preferences. 

You can even create custom breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner time slots for your restaurant. You can also set up customized food delivery slots from the software itself. For example – Allow food delivery services for Dinner slots and Don’t allow for lunch and breakfast slots.


Restaurant Marketing & Customer Engagement

Features of Online Food Ordering System - Events

Publishing Events on Restaurant Food Ordering Website

If you want to host an event at your restaurant, you can update the same on your website. The event could be anything that is open for all. For example – Christmas night, valentines week, new year’s night. 

This function comes completely free as an add-on to the online food ordering system.

Foodship - ORA-(Order-Receiving-App-for-Restaurant-Staff)

ORA – Order Receiving Mobile App

ORA, an app for the staff members to receive all the food order’s essential information in one single app.

Foodship’s ORA is compatible with iOS and Android both.

Foodship - Multiple-Payment-Method

Payment Options

The transaction is not an issue in this cashless era. You can accept payments directly from your customers.  All payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

All payment options can be set up for an online pickup order, tabletop order, or reservation. Your bank account receives payment through the payment gateway.

*The payment gateway charges are applicable.



From simple add to cart to Multichoice customization menu.

Coupon and Discounts

Run the promotion you always wanted to.

Foodship Feature - Keep your customer informed

Delivery Option

Calculate delivery based on postcode or radius distance-based.

Table Reservation System

Connect it with Google Book a Table system.