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Point of Sale Software

$ 40
/ Month

Order Management

Order management means efficiently taking, preparing, and keeping track of customer orders to make sure meals are delivered accurately and on time. This keeps the restaurant running smoothly and makes customers happier.

Menu Management

Menu management makes it easy for restaurants to change menu items, prices, and descriptions

Payment Integration

In a restaurant's point-of-sale system, payment integration helps to process transactions by accepting various payment methods like credit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Inventory Management

Foodship's inventory management feature helps New Zealand restaurants maintain stock levels, ensuring they never run out. It also alerts managers when inventory is low and provides tools to track stock and suppliers easily.

Table Management

Restaurant table management in the POS system assigns tables, and checks table status, reducing wait times.

Report and Analytics

Report and analytics in point of sale system for restaurants provides insights into sales, customer behaviour, and other key performance indicators, allowing for informed decision-making, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing restaurant operations to increase profitability and improving customer experience.

Staff Management

Staff management in point sale system for restaurants enables efficient scheduling, tracking employee performance, managing time and attendance, streamlining payroll processing,  and improving restaurant operations.

QR code-based ordering

Foodship's QR-code ordering system creates QR codes, allowing guests to easily navigate menus, place orders, and make payments via their smartphones, ideal for busy dine-in restaurants. It offers benefits like paperless menus,  reduced labor costs,

Online Order Integration

Foodship enables integration of the point-of-sale (POS) system with the restaurant’s Foodship online ordering system, simplifying order management in one location. This helps in utilizing one device for both online and POS orders.

Run on any device

Foodship's POS runs on any device, offering cross-platform support, cloud-based accessibility, mobility, flexibility, and hassle-free scalability, essential for cost-effective restaurant operations in New Zealand.


The cloud-based admin panel in Foodship's POS system allows real-time monitoring of sales and inventory data from any location, giving you greater control and insight.

Printer Integration

Printer integration in Foodship's POS system enables efficient printing of order tickets and receipts. Increasing accurate order processing and effective communication among restaurant staff.

Calendar integration

Calendar integration in point of sale system for restaurants enables efficient scheduling of table reservations, events, and staff shifts, allowing for better coordination, reducing scheduling conflicts, and improving restaurant operations.

Role and Permission

Implementing role-based access control (RBAC) in POS allows owners to assign specific permissions to staff, ensuring security and efficiency. Managers can access reports and manage menus, while cashiers have limited access to payment processing.

Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management (CRM) feature in restaurant POS systems tracks customer data for targeted marketing. 

Happy Hours

Happy hours discounts in restaurant POS systems offer special prices during specific hours, boosting customer satisfaction and sales during quieter periods.

Run POS on Multiple Screens

Restaurants benefit from the multiple-screen feature in their POS system, allowing staff to handle various orders simultaneously across different devices, enhancing operational efficiency. This is particularly useful for restaurants offering both dine-in and delivery/takeout services, ensuring quick and accurate order processing.

Bill Splits

Foodship's bill-splitting feature simplifies the settlement process by offering various options for dividing meal expenses among friends, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for both the restaurant and customers. This can be done by dividing the bill by item, equally among diners, or based on the chosen payment method, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Online Ordering System

$ 60
/ Month

Table Reservation System

Foodship's table booking feature integrates online food ordering system with existing websites or Google's "Book a Table" feature, enhancing accessibility for customers. Additionally, restaurant staff can efficiently manage reservation requests made via phone, ensuring a hassle-free process for both guests and staff.

Gift Card System

The restaurant gift card system allows customers to purchase and gift cards directly from the restaurant's website, promoting sales and customer loyalty. It includes two types of cards: retail gift cards with expiry dates for both dine-in and online orders, and complimentary gift cards offered to unhappy customers to encourage their return visits, fostering loyalty.

QR code/Contactless Order

Foodship's contactless food ordering, also known as the QR code system, allows customers to scan codes on tables, navigate menus, and place orders without additional apps. It's a perfect solution for busy dine-in restaurants, enhancing efficiency, cutting labor costs, ensuring hygiene, and showcasing food items effectively.

Loyalty program

Foodship's loyalty program lets restaurants set rules for earning and redeeming points, including how much customers spend to earn points and when they can use them. Restaurants can also offer bonus points for first orders, like an extra 200 points, to encourage repeat visits.

Zero commission

Zero commission in online ordering systems lets restaurants receive unlimited orders and payments directly, without any third-party aggregator, which cuts costs and boosts revenue.

Unlimited Order

Unlimited orders in online ordering systems for a restaurant mean there's no limit on the number of online orders your restaurant can receive and process without any cap.

Unlimited Menu items

Unlimited menu items in online restaurant systems mean there's no limit to adding and managing menu items, offering greater flexibility and control without any restrictions.

Half and half pizza options

Half and half pizza options in online restaurant systems let customers personalize their pizzas by selecting different toppings for each half, giving them the flexibility to enjoy various flavors in one pizza.

Unlimited Combo Option

Unlimited combo options in online ordering systems offer customers the flexibility to choose multiple items at discounted prices, enhancing their dining experience and increasing sales for restaurants.

Free Website and Web Hosting

Foodship's online ordering system includes free website templates to create an online presence. Additionally, it can integrate with existing websites.

Easy menu upload

Menu uploading in the online ordering system for restaurants enables easy and efficient menu updates anytime, reducing errors and offering better control.

SMS Notification

SMS notification in the online ordering system for restaurants allows restaurants to send real-time updates to customers about their orders, improving communication.

Special Discounts and Coupons

Online food ordering system offer various promotional tools like promotions like Buy 1 Get 1 Free or generate unique coupon codes for occasions and offer discounts during Happy Hours.

No Contract

Foodship online ordering systems for restaurants don't have contracts. This makes it easy for restaurants to use them without being tied down to any long-term commitments. 

Online Ordering System

Adding an ordering system to a restaurant's website makes it easier to place online orders without any hassle. 

Order Receiving Application

A mobile app that receives orders in the online system for restaurants makes it easier and more convenient for restaurant workers to handle orders. 

Printer Integration

Printer integration with the online ordering system enables the printing of incoming orders and ensures prompt order processing. This integration minimizes the chances of errors in order management.

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Payment Gateway Charges Apply

2.7% + NZ$0.30
For Domestic Card

3.4% + Fixed Fee
(when no currency conversion is involved)

1% per transaction +GST

From 2% per Transaction

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