White Label Online Ordering System

Begin your online business journey by becoming a white-label reseller for restaurants, under your own brand.

Joining Foodship as a reseller partner is a great way to grow your business and create a steady, passive revenue stream.

  • Anyone can easily become a Foodship reseller partner in three easy steps:

    a. You register with Foodship.

    b. Buy the reseller licenses.

    c. Sell the license to new restaurants.

  • Foodship is a white-label software service provider, that you can resell with your brand name to restaurants. Your clients won't see the Foodship brand, so your own identity shines through.

  • Foodship is a fully hosted online service, which means Foodship will take care of the technology side, and as a reseller; your main responsibility will be providing customer service to your restaurant clients.
  • When you bring a new restaurant client onboard under your super admin account, you can set your own prices for them. Foodship won't interfere with your pricing model.

  • Under any condition, Foodship never comes into direct communication with your customers. This means Foodship never poaches your customers, and they always remain yours.

As a Foodship reseller partner, you can develop many income opportunities.

Subscription reselling:

As a Foodship reseller partner, your main income will be profit made by reselling online food ordering system and restaurant billing software to restaurants. You pay a fixed license fee to us and set your own prices for these products. The important point is reseller have complete freedom in choosing the pricing, Foodship never control or restrict your price.


You can charge your customers for the premium support. This means you can charge a fee for technical assistance, training, and consulting services.

Hardware seller:

You have the opportunity to sell modern hardware for eg: tablets, POS machines, and printers to your customers. You have complete freedom to procure it yourself from the market or purchase the hardware from Foodship at a discounted price. We never force our partners to purchase hardware from us, as the Foodship system is platform-independent and supports various hardware.

Selling SEO and SMO services:

We have observed that, restaurants needs search engine optimization (SEO) and are looking for services like social media optimization (SMO) to improve their online presence. On the basis of your knowledge and competency, you can offer digital marketing services to restaurants and charge a fee. Thus by offering these services to your customers, you can generate additional income.

Being a Foodship reseller, you'll have access to essential resources and tools to help expand your business.

  1. Product Suite: The Foodship product suite consists of the following software
    • Restaurant online ordering system
    • Order receiving app(ORA)
    • Rewards point system
    • Gift voucher system
    • Cloud Point of sale system
    • Offline app for Restaurant POS System (optional)
    • QR Code Ordering System
  2. Training: Foodship, value exceptional customer support to keep the customers happy. We will give you through training on the Foodship product, empowering you to provide excellent support to your customers.
  3. Billing Application: By utilizing the Foodship billing app, resellers can bill their customers under their own brand. Thus, resellers have the opportunity to build brand loyalty with their customers. This application can be used to generate invoices for various other services, such as graphic design, SMO services, and SEO. The reseller will get access to the billing application after fulfilling the Foodship criteria.
  4. Demo System: With Demo System, resellers can showcase the capabilities of the Foodship product to prospective customers under their own brand. Authorized resellers can get a demo license upon meeting specific requirements.
  5. Personal Branding: Being a white-label product, Foodship products can easily be rebranded under the reseller logo and brand name, establishing them as a trademarked software service provider. This feature helps resellers stand out from competitors and create a unique brand identity.
  6. Technical support: We have a dedicated support team that will address issues caused by bugs in our software. whenever you struggle to support your customers or get stuck somewhere our technical support is readily available support.

Foodship team is willing to discuss your unique needs, whether it's adding new modules or providing custom features to meet your requirements. Additionally, the Foodship system flexible enough to integrates with third-party apps using API.

Foodship offers a Super Admin feature. Resellers can utilize this feature to create and send invoices, manage subscriptions, and track payments from your restaurant customers. The reseller has the option to use this feature at no additional cost.

Moreover, resellers can use this for billing for other business needs, like SEO, hosting, website design, graphic design, and consultancy services.

Foodship supports a wide range of printers, for eg: network printers, and cloud printers, best suited for hospitality businesses. These printers are easy to set up, requiring minimal configuration to use them.

Resellers have complete freedom to purchase POS machines, printers, and tablets from Foodship at a discounted price, or procure them from the open market. We do not impose any restrictions on resellers to exclusively purchase hardware from Foodship.

With the Foodship product suite, you'll get a demo portal with your own brand and logo, absolutely free. Resellers can use this demo portal, to showcase the Foodship product point of sale software and online food ordering system, to prospective customers. To gain access to the free demo portal, resellers must meet Foodship criteria.


How can I become a Foodship white label reseller partner?

To join as a Foodship white label reseller partner, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Foodship website and go to the reseller page.
2. Fill out the reseller contact form with the required information.
3. Foodship team will contact you and schedule a meeting to explain the benefits of joining as a white-label reseller partner.

Can Foodship's Online Food Ordering System and Point of Sale System be integrated with third-party software/services?

Yes, Foodship's online food ordering system and point of sale system are designed to integrate with various third-party software relevant for restaurant businesses. This includes Google Maps, Twilio SMS, payment gateways like Secure Pay, Stripe, Tyro, and Poli, and SMTP email senders. Our development team is continuously working on integrating many other third-party tools and APIs into the system.
If you have any specific requirements, you are more than welcome to connect with our product specialist.

Do you provide support?

Foodship provides direct support to its resellers, instead of the individual restaurants they serve. If a reseller encounters an issue they cannot resolve, Foodship is happy to provide complete support to the reseller.

As a white label reseller, how much can I charge my customers for Foodship services?

White-label resellers have complete freedom to choose their pricing model for restaurants. For example, a reseller may opt for a one-time setup fee or a monthly maintenance fee. Additionally, resellers can charge for any additional modules that are part of the standard package.

How are the clients of resellers on boarded on Foodship platform?

The reseller will provide the necessary information to the account manager at Foodship. We will swiftly create a client portal and integrate it into the super admin account. On average, the entire process will be completed within 24 hours.

Is it necessary to have a legal business entity to work with Foodship as white label reseller?

No, it is not mandatory to have a legal business entity to work with Foodship. As an individual, you are eligible to start your journey as a white-label reseller.

In case any customer chooses to terminate their subscription, what steps should be taken to address the situation?

If any customer cancels their subscription, the reseller can provide the customer's details to the Foodship Team, enabling us to update our records and cease billing for that specific subscription.