Contactless (QR Code) Table Ordering System for Restaurants

What is QR code ordering system?

May it be a table ordering system, tabletop ordering system, self-ordering system, restaurant food ordering system or iPad ordering system. These are all basically QR code ordering system for restaurants.

Why should restaurant have Contactless code system?

System Availability

  1. As the name goes, this system has all the features integrated and ready to use. 
  2. This system has an app that already comes integrated with the facility to notify your restaurant staff about the order information.
  3. It is also possible to integrate a printer which simplifies the management process.
  1. Your restaurant customers would get an entire menu card on their mobile screen simply by scanning the QR code on their table.
  2. No need to manage the offline and online platforms separately. 
  3. The same app accepts orders for your restaurant as it does for all online orders.
  1. An integrated table ordering system is included with the POS system at no additional charge
  2. You can get and manage orders directly from the Foodship POS system. 
  3. The system is easy, simple and hectic-free to manage.

Payment Options

There are multiple payment options that you can offer. So that your customers can choose to pay from their comfortable one. 

  1. The customer can order the food and pay for it in cash at the end.
  2. You can disable this feature if you want to have complete contactless transactions. 
  1. Paying online using a credit card is an option for the customer.
  2. Payment can be made after placing the order directly through QR code ordering.
  1. During pin-based ordering, a four-digit pin is assigned to each customer by restaurant staff.
  2. With a single click, the pin is generated and is printed on the docket using a POS printer for every table
  3. This allows customers to avoid paying after every order.
  4. Customers can keep placing orders and all orders will be added to the customer's table in the POS system. They can pay at the end of the order when they're ready.
  5. For the next customer, the POS has another 4-digit pin ready.

Printer & QR Code

Printer Integration

A seamless printer integration with your restaurant to print the bills directly without human interruption. The printers are integrated using cloud-based technology. The printer setup and integration are quick and easy. Simply plug in the wire and name your printer to get started.

Printable QR Codes

Your restaurants can provide customizability to the customer with order form and menus. You may offer different choices like make-your-own salads and combos, also a half & half pizza.