Dine Smart, Dine Swift
Contactless Ordering is unleashed in New Zealand.

What is a contactless ordering system?

 A contactless ordering system for a restaurant is also known as a QR code ordering system or restaurant self ordering system.

Why should your restaurant use a contactless self-ordering system?

How does Foodship's contactless self ordering work?

Contactless self ordering can be completed in six easy steps:

Payment Options

Foodship’s contactless self-ordering system offers a variety of payment options to choose from.

  1. Restaurant owners can enable/disable the cash option depending on business needs.

  2. Customers can continue ordering food and subsequently pay their bills with cash at the end.

  1. After placing their order through the contactless self ordering system, customers have the option to pay their bill via online payment like credit card, or debit card.

  2. The restaurant has the option of prompting customers to choose between pre-paid or post-paid payment options.

  1. Using a pin-based system, the restaurant staff provides each customer with a 4-digit pin generated from the POS system.

  2. The pin is generated through a POS printer for each table and will be printed on the docket.

  3. This eliminates the need for customers to pay after every order, as all orders are accumulated on the customer's table in the POS system, and payment can be made at the end of their visit.

  4. This pin system is optional; if a restaurant wants customers to place orders without using the pin, they can do so. However, this pin provides an additional layer of security.

    (Important notice: This feature is exclusively available with the Foodship POS system)

Printer & QR Code

Printer Integration

Foodship provides cloud printers, that can be easily integrated into a restaurant’s point-of-sale system or online food ordering system. These printers are plug and play, no configuration is required to install them.

Printable QR Codes

Contactless Self Ordering System is available in three different modes.

Standalone System

Foodship includes an Order Receiving mobile App (ORA). The restaurant can get orders in the ORA app, and if needed, ORA orders can be integrated with the restaurant printer.

Online Food Ordering System

With the restaurant’s online ordering system, all orders are received in Order Receiving App (ORA). This integration allows the restaurant to manage online and in-person orders in one place.

Point of sale System

The restaurant POS system receives all dine-in and QR code orders, and processes them. POS system can be integrated with the restaurant printer for smooth operations.